VidBids Taking RFPs to a whole new level – the next generation of bidding

When you've spent weeks or longer working on that perfect response to an RFP, do you ever wish that you could have just two or three minutes in front of the review panel to explain why your response is the best before they decide?

Wouldn't it be great if the second they opened your RFP, you could give them a brief, in-person overview of all the benefits your response offers, including your understanding of the project, the goals, the scope of work and deliverables? What if you had a minute to explain why your company is the best suited for the job technically.  And what if, after your brief explanation of why you're the best company for the job, you could offer the review panel the ability to watch a short two-minute video overview of your company and its capabilities. Wouldn't that be incredible?

Well, now you can! The Altek Media Group has now taken RFPs to a whole new level –  the next generation of bidding  –  with their VidBid Media Package.  The Altek Media Group's Vidbid is a portfolio binder that includes a 4”, 5” or 7” Tru-Def video player built-in, so once the person reviewing your bid opens your bid package, a short video starts playing immediately. In this video, you or your company's spokesperson explains the features and benefits of your bid and why you’re the right company for the job. At the end of your short video, there is a short pause where the person is asked if they want to see more. If they choose yes it then plays your company's corporate branding video. 

By thinking outside the box like this, it will give you and your company an advantage over your competition and a better chance of winning the bid.   

The Altek Media Group's VidBid Media Package includes assistance in scriptwriting, a professional spokesperson like myself or one of our staff if needed, a professional video production studio with custom virtual sets,  professional cameras, lighting, and audio equipment to ensure you look your best. In addition, we will provide you with teleprompters and a coach if needed to ensure you make that perfect impression.  We will edit in photos, graphics, and more as needed to improve the quality of your bid presentation. And we’ll do all this at an incredible price! Plus, if you need a new a corporate branding video, we will even produce that for you as well. 

Don't lose any more bids – give us a call to set up a VidBid meeting today.

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