Financial Advisors Package

The goal of “Financial Insights” is to provide financial advisors with a content-rich media tool to assist in
retaining, expanding and growing their client base. “Financial Insights” Is a series of in-depth internet and social media
financial video tips and/or information designed for you to provide to your clients and potential clients
on a weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly bases either unbranded or individually branded for own financial consulting business. 

“Financial Insights” are available to ClaraPhi advisors at a discounted rate:

Unbranded “Financial Insights” Video Tips
(includes branding as a Claraphi Advisory Network Partner)

  •   8 – Financial Insight” videos           $1,000.00             ($125.00 ea).
  • 12 – Financial Insight” videos           $1,200.00            ($100.00 ea)

Fully-branded “Financial Insights” Video Tips
(includes audio & video branding at the beginning and end of the video & custom branded set)

  •   8 – Financial Insight” videos           $1,400.00            ($175.00 ea.)
  • 12 – Financial Insight” videos           $1,800.00             ($150.00 ea.)

Personalized Branded “Financial Insights” Video Tips
(Includes audio and video branding at the beginning and end of the video, custom branded set and you as the financial professional in studio recording  the “Financial Insights” video tip)

  •  8 – “Financial Insight” videos                           $2,000.00             ($250.00 ea.)
  • 12 – “Financial Insight” videos                          $2,700.00             ($225.00 ea.)

Additional Customizable Media Tools

Fully Branded Custom White Board Videos
(includes scripting, storyboarding, professional voiceover and editing)

  • 3 – 5 minute video starting at $1,200.00

Custom Motion Graphic Videos
(Includes scripting, storyboarding, professional voiceover, graphics, and editing)

  • 3 – 5 minute video starting at $1,200.00

3 to 5-minute Video News Release (VNR)
Convert submitted news or press release to a video news release with professional on-camera talent in a green screen studio with a custom virtual set

  • 3 – 5-minute video starting at $595.00 ea.

15 to 60-minute Custom Personal Financial Seminar
Single professional HD video production camera, professional green screen studio with custom virtual set, Tri-Caster switcher and operator, teleprompter, and operator, live integration of PowerPoint slides, graphics titles, and credits

  • 15 – 60-minute video starting at $795.00 ea.

15 to 30-minute Financial Advisor In-Studio Interview
Three camera HD video production in a professional green screen studio with custom virtual set, professional moderator, Tri-Caster switcher and operator,

teleprompter and operator, live integration of PowerPoint slides, graphics titles, and credits

  • 15 – 30-minute video starting at$1,495.00 ea.

We can also assist you with creating your website and social media sites (Facebook, YouTube, Google +, Linked In and more).
In addition, we can assist you is implementing your and online digital marketing strategy

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