A long-term strategy can help you face life’s financial ups and downs

It’s easy to get caught up in the news and all that life deals us.

When things are going well, our optimism can sometime get the best of us. The same is true for pessimism when the news and life events are not favorable. For investors during these times, research has proven that many people are reactive—buying stocks when they are high and selling when they are low.

Research has shown that investors with a long-term strategy who work with a financial advisor are more inclined to stay the course in the pursuit of their financial goals. Working with a financial professional often makes them feel more assured which can lead to larger and more frequent–or regular–investments

Financial professionals work to help manage their client’s fears and concerns by keeping them committed to a plan that requires diligence, focus and consistent investing. Such carefully constructed strategies can help dedicated investors reach those financial goals that may not be attainable otherwise. And having a financial advisor to lean on to provide wisdom and sound advice during times of market and economic volatility to help investors stay focused on those goals can help investors not only achieve their objectives but also find peace of mind