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Most small businesses cannot afford a full-time Director of Marketing, so how would you like to have a professional part-time Director of Marketing at 1/5 the cost or more. A Director of Marketing who has over 37 years of experience in the advertising, marketing, and public relations industry? An experienced Director of Marketing that will provide you and your company with all the strategies needed to improve your brand image, increase the visibility of your company and improve your sales.

As the president and CEO of the Altek Media Group, a division of Amber/Warren Inc. my company or subsidiaries will provide you and your company with advertising and marketing strategies that will include creative, high-quality print, video and online content, like print ads, brochures, video press releases, TV commercials, infomercials, training videos, or any online or social media content you may need and more.
Whether you’re a small business or large manufacturing company, as a veteran and federally approved media contractor we will make sure you are completely satisfied with your final marketing or advertising strategy before you spend a dime.
As a business professional you understand and know the importance of quality advertising, marketing, and branding, let us help you and your company develop and execute that perfect print, video and/or online marketing campaign today.

Sincerely Dwight Cromie
Amber/Warren Inc.

Just click on the button below for a free one-hour advertising and marketing evaluation, you will be glad you did.

Agency Services

Professional Media Services
Strategic Marketing & Advertising Planning
(Local, National & International)
Media Planning & Negotiations
Media Buying  & Implementation
Strategic Campaign Review & Analysis
Media Content Creation  & Development
(Print, Radio, Television, Internet)
Public Relations
Website & Social Media Management
Event or Trade show Planning

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Pre- Production Concept Development
Scriptwriting and Storying Boarding
Casting and Location Scouting
In studio and On Location Video Production Services
Video Post Production Editing
Graphic Design & Computer Animation
Social Media Distribution
Web-Site & Social Content Development & Creation