Kerry Pendergast
Former President/CEO, Premier Service Bank

Our relationship with Altek has allowed us to really see a professional organization that comes in and gets the job done in a very concise way, on budget, or we’re often under budget and delivers a product that candidly when we compare ourselves to some of the other material we see in the marketplace we are very,  very confident that we have a product and finished video that’s heads above anything else that we see.


Mike Stull
Director of CSUSB’s IECE / Spirit of the Entrepreneur Awards

I’ve had an opportunity to work with The Altek Media Group for over 10 years now and it’s really simple as to why we continue to have a relationship with Altek. They’re professional, they do great work and they make us look phenomenal in every project from start to finish. Their attention to detail, their professionalism and the ease of working with them –  it’s just that I couldn’t ask for a better relationship between us and the marketing and promotional firm that we would want to use .  I could go on for hours about how great the experience has been,  but the bottom line is we keep going back to working with Altek.  I think that the thing that impresses me most about working with the Altek Media Group is that that we’re not simply working with a company, we’re working with people. And I’ve had a chance to work with virtually everybody within the company and they all provide the same level of professionalism, customer service, passion for your project that you get from top to bottom and that’s really impressive because in a lot of companies you don’t get that. They provide you with more. They provide expertise and resources and vision beyond your initial project and provide literally a full service to you as the client. And that results in a better end product in every project you bring them. I think that’s the real key and one of the reasons why we keep going back is that they do provide full service and a value add beyond simply our vision for the project.

Dean Bergstrom
Owner, Anchos Grill & Bar

Dwight is always very progressive in his thoughts and our marketing what we need to do here.  And he’s constantly coming to us with ideas and new things. I think he realizes that you can’t do the same thing over and over again. He has very unique ideas.  Several years ago we were at the point where we  wanted to change up our 30-second commercial spots and Dwight said,  “let’s do an infomercial”.   We were like, “No way –  for a restaurant?!”    Well sure enough we pulled it off and it was unbelievable how successful it was.  Being able to do an infomercial at that time for 30 minutes was just unheard of!   Dwight said we won’t be able to capture people for a full 30 minutes, but we would be able to grasp their attention as they’re channel surfing.   Well, as it turns out a lot of people channel surfed and they stuck on the commercial for quite a while and it was a very, very effective tool!  Once again it was one of Dwight’s ideas that we can expand on and we can get out a bigger market with this infomercial we can get some better time slots for this infomercial and it worked great.  All of the people who come in to the restaurant comment on our food and on our service,  but the other thing that they compliment us on is the quality of our commercials –  how professional they’re done and how they represent the restaurant.

Linda Reifschneider
Former Marketing Director, Riverside Community College

All of the staff we work with at Altek Media continually show their professionalism, while at the same time being very personable people to work with so that you have an interpersonal, professional relationship with them by making sure the end product is always professional and top-notch.

Linda Pearson
Marketing Director Corona Regional Hospital

The professionalism that we saw and experienced with Altek Media was just unbelievable. From the very beginning I had confidence that they were going  to deliver a quality product. In the preproduction phase it really did tell me that they walked the talk because the product that they delivered for the script was just unbelievable, we were so pleased with it.  But then when they showed up to actually filmed the hospital, they knew exactly the shots that we should get and they took time to make sure that the end product was a product that would certainly show the hospital in the light that we wanted it to be shown. So I can’t say enough about their professionalism from the very beginning of the creation to the end product.  I had the confidence but they absolutely delivered what they said they would so I think their professionalism is superior.